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This is "SHOW ME BOOBS" ... [Jun. 1st, 2006|12:15 am]
Show Me the Boobs!

This entry is made public so that anyone visiting the community can see what this community is all about.

This is an adult community (18+ years old, sorry -- that's the current criteria for determining an 'adult') for those wanting to share her (or his) gifts. Because of the adult nature of this community, membership is restricted to adults only. Yes, there's already a community, show_your_boobs but that community has currently closed their membership with no word when it will reopen. Therefore, you have this community.

To join, go to this community's profile page and click on the link that will submit your request to join.

WARNING: please read the community rules -- it will be strictly enforced, especially on how to gain membership to this community.

Thank you.

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